• What is the biotechnology improved or GMO crop?

Is a plant which using the techniques of modern science has incorporated
one or more genes from another plant or organism to give it a special feature,
such as resistance to certain pests, tolerance to herbicides, drought tolerance or better properties food.


  • What are the most recent advances and new technologies being developed?

1. Herbicides resistence

2. Resistence to pets and diseases

3. Resistence to drought and salinity in the soil

4. Varieties with high nutritional value


  • Is there any benefit or harm from GMO’s to humans?

Agricultural biotechnology is very specific and controlled.

Regulated by Federal Agencies (EPA,    FDA,    USDA,    among    others).

All procedures and findings go through a rigorous process of testing similar to
those provided by the pharmaceutical industry.

The tests and trials take years of research before reaching the food chain.

There are many studies that prove that GMO’s are as safe as any other food.

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